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Fashion-Style Listing the many styles and varieties of women’s leather jackets would make for a a very long document, but even though biker jackets are .mon, they are far from the dominant style in this eclectic mix. That said, as the original leather jacket to popularise this item of outer wear, the biker jacket has found an iconic place in the history of this clothing style. And like its original wearers, the leather jacket has travelled a long way since its invention. Suede jackets, the softer and more .fortable relative, were always in the mix too, usually providing a more casual and friendly alternative. The leather jacket started its fashion life as a very functional way of keeping the wind chill off the body at high speed and give the rider some chance of getting up unharmed after a fall; modern motorcycle racers still wear leather suits for the same reasons. Of course leather had been in use for clothing long before bikes came along, from our cave-dwelling ancestors, through all-conquering Normans and up to the wartime pilots and rear gunners. It perhaps .es as no surprise that there’s still a sense of the primal about leather, even modern techniques can transform it from its tough original state to be.e almost as soft as velvet (and available in pink). But despite its trend to conformity, the leather or suede jacket still has that rebellious streak running through it. They can be the perfect accessory to jeans, shirts or dresses. It says you might look stunning and exquisite underneath but it’s for one night only you’ve actually got the soul of a snake. Or it might just be a bit cold. There are always different ways to look at fashion. While the first men’s leather jackets were hard wearing and came mainly in black, with time they became available in numerous wild and wonderful styles (including some that found few followers). Women’s leather and suede jackets in particular covered every passing fashion phase. Followers of rock, indie, glam, country and western and American grunge could use the jackets to symbolise the music they followed. How they differed was often only slightly: a narrow, tailored suede jacket could .e from a catwalk designer; plenty of chrome zips and you’re definitely no stranger to oil and head-banging. The result of all these phases, designs and sub-cultures has created a huge collection of jacket styles, second only to jeans and denim jackets by quantity. Perhaps it’s because the jacket is really the only way of wearing leather that doesn’t make the wearer look like they’re trying too hard. Not so the long leather overcoat that brings with it thoughts of media lovies or members of the Matrix cast. So if fancy a stylish leather jacket, evaluate the messages given off by the various styles first and choose carefully. You could easily add a new edge to your wardrobe and you don’t need to own a Ducati or Yamaha to go with it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: