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Software Advent of new challenges in terms of security in the .puter arena has raised the demand of the advanced version of antivirus software, to cope-up with the situations all small and big brands are .ing up with their recent 2011 versions. However, from a customer prospective it is essential that you should get the right choice for your PC since it is something very much intimately related with the security of your .puter data. Moreover, when your system has the Internet access and you are using the system for transferring data from external hard drive. You should do a thorough analysis and .parison regarding the different antivirus software before culminating the best antivirus for 2011. Read ahead, to know about some of the best antivirus software for 2011 for your Windows based PC. One .mon point is that these all are .patible with Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows Vista and Windows 7. BitDefender Antivirus 2011 Shows good resistance towards the most dangerous viruses and Internet threats which can cheat with your personal information Its proactive antivirus protection with automatic update feature keeps your PC safe round-the-clock Safeguards your privacy while you are online over e-mail, Facebook, IM, or websites that track your online activities Integrated Search Advisor gives advance warning of risky websites within your Google/Yahoo! search results. Hunt down viruses, with minimal system impact with the advanced QuickScan in-the-cloud technology McAfee Antivirus Plus 2011 Intuitive McAfee Active Protection technology analyzes and blocks all new and old Internet threats in fraction of seconds without any update requirement Enhanced Two-way firewall effectively blocks outsiders from hacking into your PC Built-in Home screen helps to know about the status of the software and the .puter Integrated Idle timer and scheduler help you to customize the product to work with minimal disruption Vipre Antivirus 2011 Integrated next-generation VIPRE technology can protect your .puter from all types of malware by real-time monitoring of the system Easy-to-Use software and consume the least .puter resources thereby keep working while it scans VIPRE technology detects and disables all hidden malicious processes, threats, modules, services, files, Alternate Data Streams Norton Antivirus 2011 Norton Antivirus 2011 engineered with multi-layer protection to proactively block all malicious Internet threats. It checks all downloaded files and applications before you can use them on your .puter. Fast and light on system resources, and can be operated under Silent Mode while you play games or watch movies so that alerts, updates and scans are postponed Integrated Norton Insight Network and the award-winning SONAR 3 technology help the software to effectively guard the system However, when you are about do make a deal with the best antivirus software do make use of the trial or the free version available and when you are .pletely satisfied with it go for the selected one. Take proper care while you install and activate it and dont forget to uninstall previous security software, if any. You can go for antivirus support offered by any genuine .puter Tech Support provider as well. Keeping updated the Windows and running legitimate software can help you a lot to keep your system protected against the emerging Inter. threats. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: