What Makes Great Leadership Training-tataufo

Self-Improvement When choosing to spend our time and money we want to make sure that they are spent wisely because there is always a lost opportunity cost in the decision to attend. In my experience there are four things we should look for in good leadership training. Is the training producing the numbers and results that you are looking for? It’s best to try to figure this out by looking at the results. Look into whether the training is tracking the results and can prove it vs just taking their word for it. Many classes will have a couple people that have significant jumps in performance after the training. Usually fifteen percent of the student will produce mainly because they don’t want to waste their time and money and are very .mitted. Another fifteen percent will not produce because they are so stuck in their ways it’s to hard for them to change. You really want to pay close attention to the seventy percent in between. Another thing to look at is how the class is taught. Is it experiential learning or more of a lecture class format? You want to make sure that the class is transformational and not just informational. Sometimes information can have transformational properties, but usually it does not. You really want to focus on training that is interactive and involves skits and exercises. Many people have studied the concept of win-win by reading books. The problem is that this resides in their conscious mind. They may think they believe in this concept but when it .es down to their job or budget, they start protecting their job and looking out for themselves first. This behavior is controlled by their sub-conscious. The only way you can change the sub-conscious is through an emotional experience. Great leadership training provides this experience. Is the experience relevantly connected to the results you are looking for? Many .panies hire us for teamwork. When I talk about our leadership training as experiential education they at first think we are going to go river rafting or something like that. That is OK, but that experience can simply produce a bond which once the players change, the bond breaks. Or it can be an adrenaline rush much like a ride in an amusement park, but without the relevance it is relatively useless. On the other hand everyone has had the simple experience of looking at someone who is older and someone who is younger and in that experience it looks like they are different. Or it looks like one is male and the other female and again they believe in separateness. They could have a deep seated viewpoint they are their body and thus no matter what books they read about win-win they behave out of separateness But you can do games or interactive exercises in a hotel room where the individual is exploring who they think they are. If they have an experience they are connected to others as sure as if they have an umbilical cord then that new belief begins making their decisions. The experience must be connected to the results you are looking to achieve. Keep a close eye on who else is attending the classes. You can tell a lot by the quality of people that are attending a training. If there are many high level people attending that is a pretty good clue that this is a great event to attend. I recently attended and event mainly due to the big players that were attending also. This was a great chance to create relationships with them and .work. .working with like minded individuals can be extremely powerful and produce large results. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: