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Advertising Have you thought about what types of calls you want to use in your voice broadcasting campaign? Do you even know what your options are? There are three types and most voice broadcasting companies offer some but not all three. Make sure youre working with a voice broadcasting company that offers all of the following choices: Machine Only Messages Live Messages Live Transfer or Press One Option Machine only message calls deliver your message only when an answering machine picks up. These messages typically offer the listener something irresistible, tell them how to take action to receive that offer, and provide a phone number to call. With the machine only message, its best to record the voice broadcast message in your own voice so it leaves the impression that you made the call yourself. Its more personal. These types of calls work well with an established customer base who will appreciate your call as good customer service. A good voice broadcasting company will be able to help you with writing a great script too. Even though youll record the message in your own voice, youll be delivering a professionally scripted message. In contrast, live message calls deliver your message only when a live person answers the call. The voice broadcasting system has to be able to detect the difference between a machine pickup and a live person. With the live message calls, its still a good idea to record the voice broadcast message in your own voice to give that personal touch to the call. It will be obvious that youre not actually on the line, but at least it will be you conveying your own message. The live transfer option offers the person who answers the call the option to press one to be connected to a live person. This option works in conjunction with live message calls. Within your voice broadcast message, youll make an offer, and then tell the listener to press one to speak to a live person about your offer. This option can be a boon to your voice broadcasting campaign. Giving the call answerer the option to connect with a live person immediately, increases overall response rates as much as 600% or more. Thats huge! Most voice broadcasting campaigns combine at least two types of calls. This kind of blended campaign provides you with the best of all worlds. The call goes out. If a machine answers, the message with the offer, call to action, and phone number is left. If a live person answers, the message is delivered with the live transfer option. This is the way to work it. My personal favorite is live transfer only. I will get into this in a future report. At XMVoice!, we pride ourselves on being able to furnish our customers with the best possible success scenario. We offer all three types of calls, and we can help you confidently execute a blended campaign. Were ready to be your success partner, so put us to work for you. You can find more voice broadcasting tips in my The Magic Button. 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