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Marketing Far too often, we as webmasters get bogged down with information overload. Im guilty of it, youre guilty of it, and were all guilty of it. Ive been doing business online in the website development sector for close to 10 years now. Ive made a substantial sum of money making websites dedicated to adsense revenue and affiliate marketing, and one thing has held true over the course of time: the tools to make money have only gotten BETTER over time. This isnt an article about which tool is better, or whether I should sell you on something. Instead, Im telling you to do something with your tools. Anything. All of the information is there for you to go after a niche and do something with it. Ill give you a brief starter pickup to do something. Ready? Go! 1)Pick out a niche- any niche. Ask your wife, girlfriend, brother or mom what theyre interested in purchasing in the next month or two. Or what they have purchased recently 2)Fire up the keyword tool of choice that you use. If youre a beginner, youre probably using Googles keyword tool. Which is MORE than finebut limited. Enter in the name of the product or service that the person told you about. 3)Concentrate on the long tail keywords or phrases. 4)Now, if youre using a keyword tool program, focus on those keywords that have over 10,000 searches in Google every month AND have a low rate of .petition. Use your KEI/RS scores wisely! 5)Go to godaddy.. and find yourself a dot ., net or org with those keywords. Any .bination of hyphen or no hyphen- the choice is yours 6)Build that site. 10-15 pages of content. Use menu links that contain the keyword phrases 7)Add adsense or affiliate ads 8)Add a sitemap generator and do on page search engine optimization 9)Promote that site through forum signature links, yahoo answers, article marketing, and social bookmarking 10)Rinse and repeat There it is. The 10 step no nonsense guide to making money using your keyword tools. Dont believe, well, you dont have to, BUT, this all works for me. And it has been for many years. Now, you can work hard and smart or just work smart. Working smart means outsourcing one of those 10 steps so that you can move quickly because the name of the game is getting those new sites online, indexed and ready for promotion. Personally, I enjoy using wordpress as my default base of operations. I can install it, add a custom template and have a site up in less than hour. Assuming I had the content already created that is. But thats my point- you can move fast by having others work for you. Youll have to pay out some money, but the returns are worth it in the long run. You just need to focus on your seed keywords and your longtail keywords. The key to using your keyword tools is to use them. Period. The more sites you make, the more sites you can analyze for traffic and visitors. Which keywords are working on your pages, which ones are not? Thats where a good keyword analyzer .es into play. Think about it for a second: how else will you know whether your keywords are generating traffic or revenue unless you can use a keyword analyzer to see whats working? You cant. Thats why you need to work smart! About the Author: By: Jake Winston – OneDaySeo provides regular monthly Search Engine Optimization plans which lead to a significant rise of online sales, profits, and expense effectiveness for our customers. Even more .pared to that, we begin dealing with all orders in 24h or less. That’s why they call … By: Charlie Hahn – OneDaySeo supplies month-to-month Search Engine Optimization packages which result in a substantial increase of online sales, success, and also expense effectiveness for our clients. Even more .pared to that, we begin working on all orders in 24h or a lot less. That’s … By: Audrey L. 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