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Internet-and-Business-Online What are survey sites? Survey sites are websites designed to obtain surveys from various .panies. These are used to get feed back from the public. Determining the popularity of specific merchandise. There are two different types of survey sites out there right now. Paid survey sites. Which sift threw most of the spam and sweepstake surveys. Searching for the actual cash paying. These provide slightly more cash for each survey they send to subscribers. Though in order to take advantage of these paid survey sites. You must pay them a monthly fee to have them sent to you. Fees are any where from 30 to 35 dollars per month. These sites are scam artists. Promising you a quick easy way to make cash. Although they fail to tell you the amount of surveys they send you varies. In order to obtain several surveys that actually pay cash you must be with that specific .pany for several months. That is how they make money off of you. During the first month they will send you five to six surveys that actually pay cash. The other twenty are sweepstake surveys. These surveys only pay a couple cents up to three and five dollars. Taking into account how long these surveys take. Estimated time for these is on average 30 minutes. Now that is if you are a speed reader and chugging away at that specific survey at max speed. Average persons normally take ten to fifteen minutes longer. Also telling you they have surveys that pay 25 and 50 dollars. Incredibly these are like hitting the lottery you chances of getting them are one in several million! Let us do the math on that. For example you can speed read. .pleting 2 surveys in one hour at the best paid rate is only ten dollars. That’s not too bad of a number. Problem with this is. They will only send you five to six of these surveys per month. In the best case scenario or I should say the best "paid" scenario at five dollars per survey you .plete six. That is 30 dollars that you just made. But you did not really make that money. Simply because you just paid the .pany to send you those surveys. That is how they make all the money. Not counting the .mission paid from the larger .panies providing them with the surveys. All around a win win situation for them. Free survey sites are not much different. They pay significantly less money for each survey. Though they may provide you with a few more. These have the same problems as the paid surveys. Countless sweepstake surveys. In most cases four times more than the ones that pay cash. So out of every four surveys you .plete only one will give you cash. Only able to obtain more surveys after you .plete all the sweepstake surveys. Granted these surveys take alot less time. But having to .plete four to receive any amount of money (typically just a few cents) is absolutely not worth it. Four surveys each taking fifteen minutes equals out to one hour. Only one of the four surveys you .plete will give you cash. Anywhere from .30 cents to maybe two dollars if you are lucky. Providing you with two dollars or less per hour. Just ask yourself is it worth it? Absolutely NOT! I get so tired of seeing people waste time and energy with these survey sites. Unable to see the amount of time and effort wasted. When that time and effort could easily be used to make money on the interne else where. If you have made any amount of money from these surveys I assure you its not enough to make a living from. Maybe a quick 20 or 30 dollars but not enough to pay for your living expenses and food. So please if you want to make any amount of money online check out my website. It will provide you with everything you need to know on how to make big passive in.e checks. Click here to goto my page 相关的主题文章: