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Health For aerobic exercise a stationary exercise bike is a good choice. It is a low impact activity that won’t put unnecessary on your body and joints but that offers results that can’t be beat. They help burn fat and build muscle without causing injury to your limbs, spine, lower back and other body parts. Stationary bikes are also very convenient, allowing you to exercise whether it’s night or day, sunny or rainy. Riding a bike is good for muscular flexibility and development, keeping your muscles not only toned but in perfect condition for almost any type of physical activity. It is also a great form of cardiovascular exercise, as it keeps the heart constantly pumping oxygen and other nutrients through your system. Aerobic exercise is also what burns calories and fat, as well as what produces natural endorphins, which acts as a pain reliever and anti-depressant. Also, the effectiveness of the stationary exercise bike is multi pronged. The movements deployed when pedaling a bicycle tone specific leg and thigh muscles that will help strengthen the back, not only helping to heal your back pain, but priming you to be strong enough to keep it from returning. There are two kinds of stationary bikes for you to choose from: Upright Exercise Bikes, which most resemble real bicycles, and Recumbent Exercise Bikes, which are ergonomically designed for further .fort. Stationary Recumbent bikes have saddle seats with a back support, built especially for those with lumbar problems and lower back pain. Although recumbent bikes are more ergonomically correct than the original upright model, some stationary exercise bikers prefer the upright as it gives the feeling of being on an actual bicycle. On these you can keep lower back pain at bay by leaning forward towards your handlebars and keeping your spine aligned as you pedal away. These benefits are just a few that people who use exercise bikes receive. Most importantly you begin a form of physical activity that you don’t have to get bored with and an exercise bikes effectiveness for weight loss, cardio and muscle tone is not in question. You can pop in a movie, read, listen to music and more while you pedal off pound and to better health. You will soon find out that it easier to stick to a routine during your busy day, in fact you just might find yourself enjoying riding so much that the time seems to stand still. No matter which type you choose a stationary exercise bike is a great investment in you and your health About the Author: 相关的主题文章: