St905004exa101 – St905004exa101 So Far So Good, With Mac!-christie stevens

Arts-and-Entertainment I just received this ST905004EXA101 HD. Have used it for 3 days or so and it’s awesome so far! I owned a Western Digital and that went out within months and was huge .pared to this. A little bigger than an Iphone, super quiet and has only 1 cord to use. Pretty Awesome. I have a Mac (snow leopard) edition… and this plugged right in and was ready to go. Transfering files are pretty quick. I will update when I have had it a bit longer, but so far so good. ST905004EXA101 is perfect for use, portability and looks great. ST905004EXA101 Excellent USB Storage Device By Carmella Luczak I have to say, this ST905004EXA101 probably the best USB storage device I have ever owned! I used to have flash drives, but you can’t necessarily put too much on those, so I decided to buy this ST905004EXA101 external hard drive. I have not had any problems with it at all and it is very sleek looking. I’m in college, so I needed something that was reliable and easy to transport, and ST905004EXA101 is one device that I absolutely love. Its quiet, has a very sleek appearance, and the price was excellent. Plus, its made by Seagate. They specialize in making excellent hard drives, so, where can you go wrong? ST905004EXA101 Terrific Drive! By R. D. Green I purchased ST905004EXA101 a few weeks ago to perform backups for all my laptops (we’re a 3-laptop family.) One of the things I wanted to avoid were drives with pre-configured backup software that might prove more annoying than helpful. This ST905004EXA101 drive does .e with backup software, but thankfully the user can just ignore it and use the drive like any plain-old external storage device. Just plug it in with the supplied USB cable and voil!… 500 Gig of storage is at your disposal. I used this with Macrium Reflect and was able to create full backup disk images of all 3 of my machines. If this drive proves to be reliable over time, I will be positively thrilled. Thank you Seagate! ST905004EXA101 Good, But Customer Service Sucks By Dave I got the ST905004EXA101 500 GB version for music and photos (you know, the important stuff in life). I plugged it in and the little green light showing it was running came on. I went to find the device but it wasn’t there. I had this problem before with an iPod and knew all I needed to do was change the drive to something that wasn’t being used but for the life of me, couldn’t remember how! So I went to the website to see if I could find out how to change it. Of course, no. And of course there was no owner’s manual so I then went about trying to find a number to contact customer service. It took me over 20 minutes (!!!!) to find and fill out a form before I could finally get a phone number to them. Once on the phone they were helpful and courteous, but for it to take such a longtime to get to a human being was awful! If you have this problem, here’s how to fix it without wanting to toss your .puter through a window (I have Windows XP Professional, may be different if you’re using a different operating system): Right click on "My .puter" Select "Manage" Select "Disk Management" Change the drive to something not being used and it should show up Outside of the awful website and lack of an owner’s manual, the product itself has been operating fine and I have no .plaints. Read More Reviews… 相关的主题文章: