Singapore claims the South China Sea report does not meet the facts of the Chinese

Singapore reported that the South China Sea is not consistent with the fact the response Q: according to Chinese media reports, the day before the end of the seventeenth summit of the non aligned movement, Singapore and other countries in many countries despite very few clear opposition, insisted in the outcome document of the meeting to strengthen the South China sea involving content. The new side recently said that the report does not meet the facts, there is no basis. What is China’s comment? A: we have noticed the media coverage. The non aligned movement is not the right place to discuss the South China Sea issue, and its outcome document should reflect the consensus of all Member States in accordance with the principle of consensus. It is clear that very few countries insist on the outcome document of the South China Sea involving one-sided rendering, but it has not been the non aligned movement in favor of the majority of Member States, relevant content did not reflect the South China Sea issue related parties including China, consensus. In the joint efforts of China and ASEAN countries, the current situation in the South China Sea is moving in a positive direction. China hopes that relevant countries to respect China’s position and relevant consensus reached by ASEAN, uphold justice, properly handle to make constructive contribution to the healthy and stable development of Chinese ASEAN Relations and the South China Sea issue. Q: will there be a series of reports on the contents of the summit of the non aligned movement, which will affect the friendly relations between the two countries? A: last year China and Singapore established a comprehensive partnership of cooperation with the times. I would like to stress that China and the EU should understand and respect each other on the core interests and major concerns of both sides. Q: yesterday, the United States Department of Justice announced criminal prosecution of Liaoning Hongxiang industrial development company, the company accused of alleged violation of Security Council resolution 2270, to support towards the development of nuclear weapons. U.S. officials also revealed that the two sides cooperate on the case. What is China’s comment on this? Answer: first, China opposes North Korea to develop nuclear weapons, is committed to promote the denuclearization of the peninsula’s position is consistent and clear. China has earnestly implemented the Security Council resolution 2270, to fulfill its international obligations in non-proliferation and other aspects of the efforts made visible. Second, any enterprise or individual such as illegal act, once verified, we will seriously deal with. In this process, if necessary, we would like to cooperate with other countries on the premise of mutual respect and equality. Third, we want to emphasize that we are opposed to any country according to the domestic law of China "long arm jurisdiction entities or individuals". Finally, I would like to point out that the Chinese side expressed its position in the near future with the u.s.. Q: 26, the government of Columbia and the largest rebels of the revolutionary armed forces of Columbia signed a final peace agreement in the brother of cartagena. What is China’s comment on this? A: the signing of the final peace agreement between the government of the Columbia and the revolutionary armed forces of Columbia marks a significant historic progress in the peace process. The Chinese side expressed congratulations on this, which will bring peace to the people of Columbia, and will also make important contributions to world peace and stability. China supports Columbia peace 8相关的主题文章: