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Travel-and-Leisure Having Fun on Boston Beaches Boston is a city on a harbor and it is a waterfront city, so you need to pass the downtown area for getting to some beaches where you can swim. Instead of that, you can go beyond the downtown with the subway and find some beaches that are perfect for swimming. One of the best beaches you can try near Boston is Carson Beach, a part of the shoreline that goes to the Castle Island. This is a beach that has been greatly improved in the last years, with new lightning, benches, restrooms and shade shelters. You can also find bocce courts, chess tables and water fountains nearby. The Savin Hill Beach is another place where you can go for a swim in Boston and it is situated near Malibu Beach and here are numerous playgrounds and other facilities for children. Another great beach that you can try while in Boston is Revere Beach, located five miles north of the city, where families go for great fun and swimming. Getting Boston Ac.modation for Graduation Weekends If you have a child in Boston, then you know that it can be sometimes difficult to find ac.modation in the city for a graduation weekend. At these times, the Boston hotels can have premium prices and usually the inexpensive rooms are no longer available. It is strongly re.mended to book your hotel rooms in advance for that period of the year. Waiting too long might mean you will not have a vast array of hotels to choose from and you will perhaps end up in a hotel away from the city. The US universities publish every year their schedule and thus you will have plenty of time in advance to secure you ac.modation for the graduation weekend. You can discover that the Boston hotels are overbooked during the graduation weekends. You should try to find ac.modation in the metropolitan area of the city or near the school you are interested in. Enjoying the Boston Nightlife The City of Boston has a vibrant nightlife jam packed with entertainment that suits every single taste. We can include here discotheques, restaurants, fancy wine bars and lively dance clubs. There is a large selection of clubs in Boston. The Venu Club offers the visitors an eclectic choice of music, among them counting Latin, techno, old school rap and hip-hop. In the Theatre District, you can go at the Gypsy Bar, a place that attracts young people and numerous celebrities. For a more vivid ambience, try Mojitos, where you can dance on meringue, salsa, reggaeton or bachata. There are numerous venues in Boston where you can listen to live music, more often than not by recognized artists. At Bills Bar, decorated with rock stars pictures, the clients can listen to rock and funk music. Jazz can be listened at Wallys Caf, a place where the jazz artists play for a very enthusiastic audience. An eclectic style of music, .bining pop-dance, rock and world music can be found at Paradise Rock Club. Take A Trip To the Walking City The capital of Massachusetts is Boston and it is sometimes called the "Walking City" of America. Boston is situated at the Charles River mouth. Boston is a paradise for tourists, because there are so many touristic objectives to discover here. Boston is a city that had a great part in the Civil War and nowadays it is a very important seaport and an exceptional trade center. In Boston, the visitors can discover plenty of hidden historical places. There are numerous museums in the city and you can visit them if you are interested in art, natural history or American history. The Freedom Trail is a walking route that is much known in the city and all over the US and it will lead you to sixteen significant historic sites that are worth a visit. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: