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The Civil War just might be the most important battle this country has ever engaged in. The War between the States had huge implications for states rights, civil rights, and human rights in general. When you purchase Civil War Art you are hanging an image of history on your wall. Whether your taste leans toward the true-to-life Battle Scenes, or you prefer the softer, human interest scenes, there are lots of good choices for you. Find an artist whose style you like. Mort Kunstler & John Paul Strain are the two most popular Civil War Artists today. While both are very detailed the styles are quite different yet historically correct. Check out both. Their print releases tend to sell out quickly. There are several other excellent artists too. Find one you like. Is there a particular figure from the Civil War era that you favor? Or a specific event you relate to? At least one picture has probably been created depicting that person or event. Civil War art will evoke emotion and harkens back to a more romantic time. Many Civil War art scenes tell heart-warming stories of a difficult time in our nations history. Before you order the work of art for your home, office or gift, do a little research to find a reputable dealer. A dealer who will stand behind the art to guarantee it is authentic, and will arrive in mint condition. On the website look for a logo or statements that indicate this is an Authorized Dealer for the artist. Look for these indications of a reliable dealer who plans to give good customer service: A phone number for personal contact with the dealer. (If you dont see a phone number displayed on the home page, leave that website immediately.) A Secure Website Checkout, e.g. or PayPal. They will make sure all you personal information, including credit cards are .pletely secure. Does the site, or phone call to the dealer, indicate the art will be shipped within a couple business days? Are the pictures shown clear, can you see exactly what you are purchasing? Is image size given? If they dont invest in a good & easy to use website, they may also be lax about care of the art and service to the customer. A quick phone call to the dealer will tell you a lot about the service you can expect. Build a rapport with the dealer and they will be a valued helper in the future. Does the dealer sound like he is truly customer oriented? Does the dealer sound like he knows his product? Or is he just looking to sell art? Will the Limited Edition Art print be shipped flat and guaranteed to arrive in Mint Condition? If he plans to ship it rolled in a tube, hang up immediately and look for a different dealer. (Tubes are OK for most posters, however.) Does the dealer also have a brick & mortar storefront? They are more likely to be customer oriented. They have to live with their face-to-face customers every day, so are more careful about the service given. Advantages of buying on line: You can shop in your pajamas. You can shop any time of day or night. There is usually no Sales Tax, but check to be sure. Sometimes Shipping is Free. Return on Investment: Some Limited Edition art prints can increase in value over time. This happens when a print has a wide appeal and is so popular that it outsells the Limited Edition issued. The Secondary Market is .prised of collectors and dealers who are willing to sell their Limited Edition print, sometimes for more than the original issue price. Some people purchase Civil War Art hoping that it will increase in value and they will make a huge profit. I have two personal theories on that: 1. Anything is only worth what you can get someone else to pay for it. 2. The best reason to ever buy a piece of art is simply because You Love It! 相关的主题文章: