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Medieval chapter Gothic art and costume (three) – the Sohu from the late 19th century to the middle century, the ruling class and large businessmen in the popularity of one of the decorative clothing called "I Prandtl", is the Gothic style of late clothing representatives. My Prandtl: shoulders relatively fit, from the shoulders down the body is very loose and loose. Shoes, hats, accessories: Poland: Men’s pointed shoes. The shoe is very narrow, the material for soft leather shoe with whalebone and other filler support that connection [Poland] SHARP Lun hat: a hat tip is in the shape of thin and long, shoulders or hanging on the back of the head, up to the ground. [in] [SHARP PEP hat hat] Ace Kofi Don Lun: refers to the lateral open on the head of the two knot on a net. The skeleton of the wire on the net coat is folded, and then the fabric is covered with ", U", shape and butterfly shape. [Esther Kefeien] [modeling various mesh] 4) Kefeien headdress ace high hat: Hanning cone, is a direct reflection of the Gothic spire. [Sur Caunt (Department of century hyur) and Poole, wave one woman and Hanning pointy shoes], noble jewelry: century popular French men and women in the neck or belt hanging all kinds of strange little bells, wearing a big and heavy chain. The women’s gold, silver and precious stones necklaces, bracelets and rings are impressiveness. In the 21st century, women wear fashionable gloves, and violet perfume gloves are the most fashionable. In the 20th century, men used the cane, and the fans came from the East, which became the essential goods for women. It has an ivory handle or a gold handle. It is decorated with ostrich, parrot and peacock hair. It is also inlaid with precious stones. The mirror industry in Venice. Fashionable men and women carry small mirrors in small silk bags and carry them along. [] [] gold bracelet cross the Western Roman Empire in ad for slave revolts and the Germanic invasion and destruction, from the end of European slavery society, feudal society into the Germanic people, become a major role in European history. The Germans initially in the cold northern Europe lived a primitive life in hunting pigs, to farming life century AD. Because of class differentiation, the aristocracy appeared and divided into the East, the West and the North branches southward. To a migration to the South East area of Russia, known as the East Germanic, a westward migration to Gaul (Modern France) area, said Xirierman finally split into Germany, France, the kingdom of Italy. In the Nordic Germanic social development is relatively slow, century after the separation of the Norman coastal south, the Norman Dynasty was established in the uk. Thus forming a new situation of feudal separatism in Western europe. Please continue to pay attention to the coincidence network WeChat public platform account, every day we will bring interesting and interesting fashion knowledge and collocation suggestions. Marking "coincidence original" article, all content is coincidence network original, forwarding please explain the source, otherwise we will be held accountable.   

中世纪篇 —-哥特式时期的艺术和服装 (三)-搜狐      世纪末到世纪中叶,在统治阶级和大商人中流行一种叫吾普朗多的装饰性外衣,是哥特式后期服装样式的代表。   吾普朗多:肩部较为合体,从肩部向下衣身非常宽松肥大。   鞋、帽、服饰品   波兰那:男子尖头鞋。鞋很窄,材料为柔软的皮革,鞋尖用鲸须和其他填充物支撑   【波兰那的连接方式】      夏普仑帽子:帽尖呈细而长的管状,披在肩上或垂于脑后,最长可达地面。      【里里佩普帽子】      【夏普仑帽子】   艾斯科菲恩:是指在头上横向张开的两个发结上罩个网。网外套上金属丝折成的骨架,再在这个骨架上披纱,此造型有"U"形和蝴蝶形等。   【各种造型的艾斯科菲恩】      【网状头饰艾斯科菲恩】      4)汉宁:圆锥形的高帽子,是哥特式尖塔的直接反映。      【世纪的苏尔考特(修尔科)和汉宁女子及普尔波万、尖头鞋的贵族】      饰物:、世纪法国男女流行在脖子或皮带上挂各种奇特的小银铃,佩带的链带又大又重。女子的金、银、宝石项链、手镯和戒指也很令人注目。世纪女子时兴戴无指手套,以紫罗兰香水手套最为时髦。世纪男子时兴用手杖,扇子从东方传来后已成为妇女的必备品。有象牙柄或金柄,饰有鸵鸟、鹦鹉和孔雀毛,还镶有宝石。世纪威尼斯已有制镜行业。时髦男女把小镜子装在小绸袋随身携带。   【金手镯】      【十字架】      西罗马帝国于公元年因奴隶起义和日耳曼人入侵而灭亡,从此欧洲结束了奴隶制社会,步入封建社会,日耳曼人成为欧洲历史舞台上的主要角色。日耳曼人最初在寒冷的北欧过着以狩猪为主的原始生活,公元世纪后转入定居的农耕生活。因阶级分化,出现了贵族,并分为东、西、北三支向南辗转迁移。向东的一支迁移到南俄罗斯一带,称为东日耳曼,向西的一支迁移到高卢(现法国)一带,称西日耳曼最后分裂为德意志、法兰西、意大利王国。留居北欧的日耳曼人社会发展较缓慢,世纪后分出的诺曼人沿海南下,在英国建立诺曼王朝。从而形成西欧的封建割据新局面。   请大家持续关注巧合网微信公共平台账号,我们每天都会为大家带来有趣有料的时尚知识和搭配建议。   标注“巧合原创”的文章,所有内容均为巧合网原创,转发请说明出处,否则我们会追究其责任。   相关的主题文章: