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Hubei new college entrance exam baked optional 3 families included in the total score of reporter Qiao Lingling in our province since the fall of 2018 to a new high school began to establish and implement a proficiency test system, and in 2021 the overall college enrollment reform docking. Provincial Department of education yesterday released "Hubei Province ordinary high school proficiency test implementation methods", determine the language of the 13 subjects for the compulsory subjects, all high school students must participate in academic proficiency test. I will from the 2017 fall semester of high school freshman in a range of conduct achievement test pilot; 2018 fall semester of high school freshman began to establish and implement a proficiency test system, to the 2021 college admission will use proficiency test scores for the first time. Pushed by this time, the students are currently studying in the second year, the province will be the first batch of students facing academic proficiency test object. The academic proficiency test the exam subjects year two examinations, were arranged in June and December, the specific arrangements for the provincial education examination released to the public in advance. For the seriousness and authority of the maintenance of academic proficiency test, to ensure the credibility and quality of academic proficiency test, the province will organize the province’s unified examination, unified proposition, unified implementation of online marking, all examination arrangements in the standardized test sites for. The academic proficiency test report compulsory subjects are presented in the "qualified, unqualified, unqualified control in less than 2% proportion. Failed the exam subjects, allowing students to take part in an exam. Students should determine the 3 selected test subjects for the first time in the province to participate in the examination subjects for selected, can not be changed after (when conditions, under the premise of candidates voluntary, allowing candidates to choose 4 to participate in the examination, from 6 subjects participating in the college admission but must fill volunteer before, from the 4 subjects have been admitted of the 3 selected test subjects to determine, can not be changed after). The full implementation of the comprehensive reform of examination and enrollment system of higher schools, and actively create conditions for students to participate in the same subjects two exam opportunity, with the best results as the final result. Ordinary high school proficiency test results should be available to all admissions colleges and universities. The examination subject test scores only high school students graduating from high school to college admission when available. High school graduates through classification examination for higher vocational colleges, can not participate in college entrance examination, the cultural quality of the results using the high school level test scores, participate in the occupation adaptability test, comprehensive quality evaluation reference for admission. Ordinary high school graduates apply for undergraduate institutions of higher learning, should participate in the unified college entrance examination, mainly based on the unified college entrance examination and academic proficiency test scores, reference to the evaluation of the overall quality of admission. High school can be admitted to the examination, only the required and optional documents of Ministry of education, high school students should complete the compulsory subjects of learning, have a certain understanding of their interests and expertise to determine the selected test subjects. According to the national curriculum design and teaching of senior high school students to the final rule, the second semester has completed the compulsory course of study, the individual subject of interest and expertise has been analyzed and judged necessary,.相关的主题文章: