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Arts-and-Entertainment It’s summertime, and in my neighborhood, that means one thing. Time to cruise around real slow with the windows down and the car stereo amplifiers thumping. That feeling where you can’t tell if it’s your heartbeat or the bass line? I want you to have that feeling safe in your apartment on the seventh floor, because my car is driving by on the street below. That’s my little gift to you. Get up and dance, girl, right there in your living room. When you lean out the window and wave hello? When I see your smile? That’s all the thanks I need… This is essentially how I imagine the monologue goes in my boyfriend’s head. When he’s not cursing at other drivers or waving at his homeboys, anyway. It’s sweet. He’s a romantic. He loooooves his car. And last summer, the whole Romeo and Juliet thing on the fire escape was enough for me. It made for a sweet beginning. But you see where I’m going with this. Romeo and Juliet ends badly for both of them. This summer, I’m looking for a little more variety in my dating life. Trouble is, my baby just spent his whole paycheck on a sweet car stereo sale. It is one fine stereo system, and I don’t begrudge him buying it. We just need to find some free things to do for fun. In case you find yourself in a situation like mine (and from the sounds on the street at night, I’m pretty sure I’m not alone), I thought I’d share what I came up with. Free Fun In Brooklyn That Does Not Happen In A Car! The Discover Tour in Prospect Park. Talk about getting him out of his .fort zone! My bf was hilarious, following a naturalist around on a Saturday afternoon, learning about birds and bushes. Prospect Park is big and beautiful. I plan to spend hours this summer sprawled out on green grass, my bf feeding me grapes… Seriously. It’s my top free thing for fun in the borough. Next up is Brooklyn’s Botanic Gardens. Yes, it’s in Prospect Park, but it’s a thing all it’s own. It’s g.eous, smells incredible, and makes you think of weddings. Probably the top wedding watching spot in BK. Not that I’m thinking about weddings! It’s free all day Tuesdays and from 10-12 on Saturdays. What, you think he won’t get into looking at some art? On the First Saturday of every month, the Brooklyn Museum of Art offers free admission between the hours of 5 – 11 pm. The Brooklyn Museum of Art is one of the largest museums in the United States. It features a very impressive collection of Egyptian art and antiquities, and there’s usually some music or something for the First Saturday. This one’s crazy! The Red Hook Boater Group offers free walk up kayaking every Sunday until mid-September and every Thursday until mid-August. They provide all of the equipment including the kayak and a life jacket. Their only requests are that you abide by their safety rules, and join them in their beach cleanup efforts either before or after your kayaking trip. Honestly, we haven’t tried this one yet. My bf is afraid of the river. But we’ll get there. And finally, a classic. Stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge, baby. Wave to the Statue of Liberty. It doesn’t get much prettier than that. You may notice that these are mainly daytime events. Which leaves the night free for…cruising around, bumping the car stereo amplifiers? Well, it’s how I first fell in love with him–what can I say? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: