Deyang seventy uncle illegal to turn the fence across the street had died of brain overflow

Deyang seventy uncle illegal to turn the fence across the street hit and killed the brains spillover 11 morning, Taishan North Road crown Lights Road overpass, a seven year old man crossing the road irregularities in the central isolation barrier, by a passing small SUV knocked down and killed on the spot. He climb the fence, there is a clear ban over the fence "logo on the reporter on the scene, there have also been pedestrian crossing over from the side fence, very dangerous. At the time of the incident, the seven year old man to climb the middle of the road isolation barrier across the street, he just turned over, a white Chevrolet SUV along Taishan route south to North Road, the bike hit, immediately stopped, the car hood knocked sag a chunk, the old man was knocked down in the car front side head brains, bleeding, overflow. After the accident, the accident the driver immediately call the police calls, five hospital medical staff across the way, immediately came to the rescue, but still failed to save the life of the elderly. Nearby people have to reflect, because the road is on the side of the five hospital and bus station, the other side is the Stone Park, people usually think go too far from the sidewalk, for the convenience of directly over the fence across the street. But for this convenience, climb the fence of traffic accidents caused here has become the norm. In an interview with reporters of the scene of the accident, people still continue to ignore warning signs for adventure over. A reporter to interview over the fence Uncle Chen, he said his wife on the opposite side of the five hospital dying, did not empty so far across the street, they would not want to live. It is understood that the city traffic control department also sent this persuasion, but the persuasion effect is not obvious, many people did not listen, let the law enforcement police also feel very helpless. Traffic tips: the masses should try to walk the zebra crossing and underground channel, especially the section of the incident is a downhill lanes, a faster speed, not paying attention to traffic accidents. Crossing the road, turn the fence and other acts, not only violate the traffic rules, will incur punishment and related public condemnation, but also very dangerous, may pay the price of life. Deyang City radio and television (micro-blog) reporter Lin Yongbing Liu Jin Jing balcony

德阳七旬大爷违规翻护栏横穿马路 被撞身亡脑浆外溢 11日清晨,市区泰山北路皇冠灯立交桥路段,一名七旬老人违规翻越道路中央隔离护栏,被一辆过路的小越野车当场撞倒身亡。而他翻越的护栏上,有明确的“禁止翻越护栏”标识,就记者在现场采访时,还不断有行人从身旁护栏翻越而过,十分危险。事发当时,该名七旬老人想要翻越马路中间隔离护栏横穿马路,他刚翻过去,一白色雪佛兰牌越野车沿泰山路由南至北行驶,将其撞上,骑车立马停了下来,车引擎盖被撞得凹陷了一大块,老人被撞倒在汽车前轮旁,头部出血,脑浆外溢。事故发生后,肇事女司机立即拨打了报警电话,一路之隔的市五医院医务人员也立即赶来营救,却仍没能挽回老人的生命。附近的群众纷纷反映,由于这条路一边是五医院和公交站,另一边是石刻公园,人们通常觉得走人行道太远了,为图方便就直接翻越护栏过马路。而为图这一时方便,翻越护栏而引发交通事故在这里已成为常态。就在记者车祸现场采访过程当中,仍不断有人对于警示标志视而不见,冒险翻越。记者上前采访一翻越护栏的陈大爷,他却说自己的爱人在对面的五医院里快要死了,自己没空走那么远过马路,自己也不太想活了。据了解,市交管部门也曾派专人在此进行劝导,但劝导效果并不明显,不少行人根本不听,让执法交警也感到很无奈。交警提示:广大群众应尽量走斑马线和地下人行通道,特别是事发路段是一个下坡车道,车速较快,一不注意就容易发生交通事故。横穿公路、翻护栏等行为,不仅违反交通规则,会招致舆论谴责和相关处罚,而且十分危险,有可能会付出生命的代价。德阳(微博)市广播电视台记者林永炳 刘进 旌阳台相关的主题文章: