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Data-Recovery Having your own web site, with your own domain name (such as mybusiness..), is expected of every business these days. More and more people are looking for your business information online each day. Having a basic web presence is a must these days. A surprising number of small business owners do not yet have a web site for their business. Where to begin? Here are my 3 fundamental keys to creating a web presence: Key #1: Always own your own domain name. Your domain name is the your.pany.. address for your website. For about $9 a YEAR and 10 minutes of your time, you can easily purchase your own domain name. Do not let anyone else purchase your domain for you . Giving away control of your .panys domain is a painful mistake you do not want to make, yet its very .mon. Key #2: Quick and Cheap: You can absolutely have a website up and running in a about a day for hundreds of dollars, not thousands. Dont overpay. Big businesses spend thousands and thousands of dollars and have full time web developers on staff just to build and maintain their web presence. They understand how important a web presence is for a businesses vitality. With the quick, easy and inexpensive tools available today, you can have all the same advantages of having a web presence for just hundreds and not thousands of dollars! There are so many website templates available for about $50 $100. In most cases, these templates are incredibly beautiful and professional. There are thousands to choose from and you are sure to find one you love for your business. By choosing a template for your web developer to use for your site, you can have a website up quickly. Also, this will save you a fortune particularly if you dont ask the web developer to make changes to the web site layout. All you should really need to do is add your own body text, link names and so on. Consider using your local Chamber of .merce and sites like elance.. to find someone professional and affordable to create your own web site. Or, you may choose to create a free site, on your own, using the free tools from the web hosting provider and your $50 template. Key #3: Retain Control: Always be sure you have access to make changes and updates to your own website. If someone else has sole control over this, they have control over you. Im working on a video right now to give you my Web Presence Solution. This video will give you the strategies, resources, tools and solutions you need to quickly and easily create a web presence for your business. Again, bringing the best big business tech advantages to the small business ownerto close your tech gap permanently! Until then, if you are not already signed up to get updates from me, sign up with your name and email address on the right and Ill keep you posted. Ill email you when that free video is ready so you can have my total tech solution for creating a web presence for your business. Talk soon, Paul About the Author: 相关的主题文章: