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Military news, warm air frequency blow vertical reform is expected to continue to advance qq飞行棋点数控制器

Military news blowing frequency vertical reform is expected to continue to promote the Sina Level2:A shares of sina finance client speed Kanpan: the most profitable investors are analysts believe that the modernization of military equipment, military asset securitization is a power – trainee newspaper reporter Du Yumeng to promote the development of the industry this year as the "13th Five-Year plan" at the beginning of the year, is also deepening the reform of the fall of the year. It is understood that with the establishment of the leading group of the Central Military Commission for deepening national defense and military reform in 2014 March and the guidance issued by the Ministry of industry and industry in April to promote the development of civil military integration, the wave of military reform continued. The modernization of military equipment and the securitization of military assets are the driving force to promote the development of the whole industry." Huaan Securities researcher Yang Zongxing believes that the day after the military reform will continue to promote the development of the industry, and the space is still great. In fact, in January 1st this year "on deepening the reform of national defense and military opinions" issued after the news has changed around the field of blowing frequency. In January 12th, the national development and Reform Commission Secretary General Li Pumin said, "to encourage and regulate the state-owned enterprise investment projects into the non guidance" of state-owned capital has recently issued; subsequently, the national development and Reform Commission held a number of areas including the military, the central enterprises forum, and said it would carry out the pilot work of enterprises next; in addition, the Secretary of Defense Science and Industry Bureau Xu Dazhe said in January 13th, the national defense science and Industry Bureau to focus on preparing the "13th Five-Year" planning and implementation, and vigorously promote civil military integration and the implementation of special action plan. Industry experts believe that with the fall of the military reform timetable, military reform is expected to be further consolidate, to be changed after the release of specific implementation details, the relevant listed company is expected to help get policy heaters great development, and the growth performance of the stock price gradually resolve the bubble, usher in a new round of market. According to the Oriental Wealth Choice financial terminal shows that the current two cities in the Shanghai and Shenzhen 84 military reform stocks. In the past 2015, the SASAC is pushing the China north and South car, the CPI and the national nuclear power and other 6 central enterprises to integrate the case. In the context of supply side structural reform, the market parties for the integration of military central enterprises also gave higher expectations. In this regard, GF Securities, an industry researcher said, for the military central enterprises, in addition to the expected integration between groups, more will be the framework of the group combing, business integration. Sina statement: this news is reprinted from Sina cooperation media, Sina published this article for the purpose of transmitting more information, does not mean to agree with its views or confirm its description. This article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly and take risks at their own expense. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

军工消息面暖风频吹 纵向改革有望持续推进 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   分析人士认为,军工装备现代化、军工资产证券化是推动行业发展的动力   ■本报见习记者 杜雨萌   今年作为“十三五”规划的开局之年,同样也是全面深化改革的落地之年。据了解,随着2014年3月份中央军委深化国防和军队改革领导小组成立,以及同年4月份工信部印发《促进军民融合式发展的指导意见》之后,军工改革浪潮便持续不断。   “军工装备现代化、军工资产证券化是推动整个行业发展的动力。”华安证券研究员杨宗星认为,军改日后将持续推进,且行业发展空间仍然很大。   事实上,今年1月1日《关于深化国防和军队改革的意见》出台后,围绕军改领域的消息面便暖风频吹。1月12日,国家发改委秘书长李朴民表示,《关于鼓励和规范国有企业投资项目引入非国有资本的指导意见》已于近期印发;随后,国家发改委召开了包括军工在内的多个领域中央企业座谈会,并表示下一步将开展企业试点工作;另外,国防科工局局长许达哲也于1月13日表示,国防科工局要重点抓好编制发布“十三五”规划并启动实施,大力推进军民融合并实施专项行动计划等。   业内专家分析认为,随着军改时间表的落地,军工领域改革预期被进一步夯实,待军改具体实施细则发布后,相关上市公司有望借助政策暖风获得大步发展,并通过业绩的增长逐步化解股价中的泡沫,迎来新一轮行情。   据东方财富Choice金融终端显示,目前沪深两市共有84只军工改革概念股。而在刚刚过去的2015年,国资委共推动了包括中国南北车、中电投和国家核电等6起央企整合案例。而在供给侧结构性改革的大背景下,市场各方对于军工央企的整合也给予了较高预期。   对此,广发证券一位行业研究员表示,对于军工央企而言,除了集团之间的整合预期之外,更多的将是集团内部的架构梳理、业务整合。 新浪声明:此消息系转载自新浪合作媒体,新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Sheng Guangzu, general manager of China Railway, retired, director of the State Administration of Ra 南京审计学院是几本

The total iron retired general manager Sheng Guangzu Lu Dongfu as the National Railway Bureau – General Manager of Sohu financial total iron new general manager Lu Fu railway company Chinese note by the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of transport, the National Railway Bureau Lu Dongfu successor, former general manager Sheng Guangzu retired. On the afternoon of 9, the total iron railway work conference held in the headquarters of the phone, announced the appointment of. He is 61 years old. He was the Vice Minister of the former Ministry of railways. After the Ministry of Railways was revoked in March 2013, Lu Dongfu transferred to the newly established director of the state railway administration. He took over ", chief executive officer of ", and who replaced the director of the National Railway Administration, which has not yet been determined. General manager of China Railway, said Huang Min, another deputy general manager of China Railway Corporation, was once a popular candidate for general manager because he had the background of the director of the basic industry division of the NDRC and tried to reform the railway. But compared to Lu Dongfu, Huang Min’s apparent lack of Railway Basic practicing experience, this may be an important factor in Lu Dongfu eventually took over. According to the China economic net reporter, at present, there are 5 vice general manager of railway, namely Lu Chunfang, Li Wenxin, Huang Min, Yang Yudong and Zhen Zhong loyalty, in addition, the railway chief party branch discipline inspection team leader for security.     editor’s note: Sheng Guangzu, 67 years old, was transferred to the Ministry of Railways by the party secretary of the General Administration of Customs in 2011, replacing Liu Zhijun, who was sacked, as secretary of the Ministry of Railways and Secretary of the party committee. After the Ministry of Railways took office in two years, the Ministry of Railways was revoked in, according to the State Council’s institutional reform and functional transformation program. In June 2013, the Ministry of Railways was revoked. Sheng Guangzu became the last Minister of railways. According to the audit report of China Railway Corporation in the first half of 2016, as of June 30, 2016, the total assets of China Railway Corporation is 6 trillion and 500 billion yuan, total liabilities is 4 trillion and 200 billion yuan, and the debt ratio is 64%.   in the period of Sheng Guangzu as general manager of iron, China high-speed rail to the sea a lot of highlights.   in October 2015, the total iron Chinese led consortium and Indonesia state-owned enterprises set up a joint venture company, responsible for the construction and operation of Indonesia new million high iron.   May 23, 2015, Sheng Guangzu personally led a delegation to Kuala Lumpur, met with Prime Minister Naguib of Malaysia, the new high-speed rail project take Kuala Lumpur to singapore. Sheng Guangzu has said that China’s railway technology is advanced, safe and reliable, cost-effective, fast construction speed, China hopes to win the bid by virtue of technology and experience.   Sheng Guangzu resume: 1994, the Ministry of Railways as Party members, chief economist. In 1996, he served as director of the Political Department of the Ministry of railways, member of the Party committee and Secretary of the Party committee of the subordinate organ (Vice Minister level). In 1999, he served as vice minister of railway ministry and member of the party committee. In 2000, he served as deputy director general of the General Administration of customs and member of the party committee. In 2002, he served as deputy secretary and deputy director of the Party committee of the General Administration of customs. In September 2003, he was granted the title of Deputy Commissioner of customs. In 2007, he served as party secretary and deputy director general of the General Administration of Customs (ministerial level). 20. 中铁总总经理盛光祖退休 国家铁路局局长陆东福接任-搜狐财经 中铁总新任总经理陆东福 编者注   中国铁路总公司总经理由交通运输部副部长、国家铁路局局长陆东福接任,原总经理盛光祖退休。9日下午,中铁总在机关总部召开全路电话工作会议,公布了上述任命。   据悉,陆东福今年61岁,原为原铁道部副部长。2013年3月铁道部撤销后,陆东福转任新成立的国家铁路局局长。他接任中铁总"一把手"后,空出的国家铁路局局长由谁接任,目前还未定论。   中铁总人士表示,中铁总另一位副总经理黄民因拥有发改委基础产业司司长背景,并力主铁路改革,曾一度是总经理热门人选。但相比陆东福,黄民明显缺乏铁路基层执业经历,这或许是陆东福最终履新的重要因素。   据中国经济网记者了解,目前中铁总共有副总经理5名,分别是卢春房、李文新、黄民、杨宇栋和甄忠义,另外,中铁总党组纪检组组长为安立敏。   编者注:   盛光祖今年67岁,于2011年由海关总署党组书记调任铁道部,接替落马的刘志军,担任铁道部部长和党组书记。盛光祖在执掌两年铁道部之后,根据国务院机构改革和职能转变方案,2013年6月,铁道部被撤销。盛光祖成为最后一任铁道部长。   据中国铁路总公司2016年上半年审计报告显示,截至2016年6月30日,中国铁路总公司总资产6.5万亿元,总负债4.2万亿元,负债率64%。   在盛光祖担任铁总总经理期间,中国高铁出海亮点颇多。   2015年10月,中铁总牵头组成中国企业联合体,与印尼国企组建合资公司,负责印尼雅万高铁的建设和运营。   2015年5月23日,盛光祖亲自率团飞赴吉隆坡,拜会马来西亚总理纳吉布,以期拿下吉隆坡至新加坡的新马高铁项目。盛光祖曾表示,中国铁路技术先进,安全可靠,性价比好,建造速度快,中方希望凭借技术和经验优势中标。   盛光祖简历:   1994年,任铁道部党组成员、总经济师。   1996年,任铁道部政治部主任、党组成员兼直属机关党委书记(副部长级)。   1999年,任铁道部副部长、党组成员。   2000年,任海关总署副署长、党组成员。   2002年,任海关总署党组副书记、副署长。   2003年9月,被授予海关副总监关衔。   2007年,任海关总署党组书记、副署长(正部长级)。   2008年3月,任海关总署署长、党组书记。授予海关总监关衔。   2011年2月,任中共铁道部党组书记。   2011年2月,任铁道部部长。   2013年3月,中国铁路总公司总经理、党组书记。   中国共产党第十三次、十四次、十五次、十六次、十七次全国代表大会代表,第十七届中央委员会委员    陆东福简历:   1973年11月–1988年7月 先后任交通部、铁道部上海铁路局基建工程处第五工程段、第三工程段、上海铁路局团委工作;   1988年7月–1990年1月 任铁道部上海铁路局政治部办公室副主任、宣传部副部长(期间:1988年7月复旦大学国际政治系政治学(行政管理)干部专修班毕业);   1990年1月–1993年12月 先后任铁道部上海铁路局纪委副书记;铁道部上海铁路局纪委副书记、监察处处长;   1993年12月–1995年3月 任铁道部上海铁路工程总公司党委书记;   1995年3月–2000年11月 先后任铁道部上海铁路局副总经济师、党委副书记、副局长、上海市轨道交通明珠线工程指挥部副指挥、上海铁路局轨道交通开发总公司总经理、上海铁路局副局长兼上海铁路分局分局长;   2000年11月–2003年7月 任铁道部上海铁路局局长、党委副书记(期间:2001年7月,上海大学成人教育学院(夜大)管理工程专业毕业);   2003年7月–2013年3月 任铁道部副部长、党组成员;   2013年3月–任交通运输部副部长、党组成员、国家铁路局局长、党组书记。相关的主题文章:

Long counter attack stamina doubt oil price shock pattern does not change 爱的华尔兹钢琴谱

Long counter attack stamina doubt, oil price shock pattern is not changed, hot column funds flow to thousands of stocks, 1000 stocks evaluation, the latest rating analog trading client 2 crude oil on Wednesday, WTI crude oil futures rose 8.3%. The main reason for pushing heads into the market is that the Fed’s interest rate hike is expected to weaken in March, and the US dollar index has seen its largest one-day drop in seven years. From the recent market trends can be seen, the oil price "weathervane" role is becoming increasingly apparent, crude oil prices are regarded as an optimistic signal of the market, and led the bulk of commodities such as chemicals rebound. Insiders pointed out that, in the short term, although the clarion call sounded after the rebound, oil prices to maintain the "lifeline" of $30, but the supply pressure superimposed dollar factors, or make oil prices appear repeatedly, inflation plummeted into normality. Overall, in the first half of 2016, international oil prices continue to maintain a low trend of operation, investors should not easily hunters. The characteristics of crude oil soaring commodity bull rally leader once again revealed the "restless". In February 3rd, international oil prices represent volume skyrocketing prices, 30 dollars a barrel mark. As of Wednesday’s close, WTI3 crude futures rose 8.3% to $32.36 a barrel; Brent’s crude oil futures rose 7.18% in April to $35.07 a barrel. To the surprise of the market, Wednesday’s crude oil was flat. U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) data released on the same day showed that the U.S. crude oil and gasoline inventories increased more than expected last week, inventory levels rose to record highs. By the end of January 29th, crude oil inventories in the United States increased by 7 million 800 thousand barrels to 502 million 700 thousand barrels, the highest level since 1982. This time, traders ignored the record high crude oil inventory, and focused on the dollar. Wednesday, the dollar fell sharply, the dollar index fell 1.68% to 97.19, the disk is the largest one-day decline in seven years. Li Shan, chairman of the world bank, said on the news, New York Fed chairman Dudley expressed concern about the strong dollar, and warned that the current tightening of the financial market environment will cause pressure on the Federal Reserve monetary policy. This worries the market whether the Fed can maintain its pace in the process of raising interest rates over the year. The issue of the dollar index will undoubtedly form a direct bad, making it significantly lower. As a representative of dollar denominated commodities, oil prices were boosted by the low dollar index. At present, the data show that the correlation coefficient between the dollar index and the oil price is maintained at -0.86, and the reverse relationship between the two will be particularly evident when the market fluctuates violently." Li Shan said that the short-term surge in crude oil prices is also a collective release of pressure on the market. Baocheng Futures Institute assistant director of financial Cheng Xiaoyong pointed out that the recent fed second interest rate hike is expected to cool down is the main factor affecting the financial market trends. As the U.S. announced the core PCE price index in December and the January ISM non manufacturing index is less than expected, the market for the U.S. economy worries rising. A major reason for the early decline in commodity prices is the theory

多头反攻后劲存疑 油价震荡格局不改 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 原油2   周三,WTI原油期货大涨8.3%。推动多头大举进场的主要原因在于美联储3月加息预期减弱,美元指数出现七年来最大单日跌幅。从近期市场走势可以看出, 油价的“风向标”作用愈发明显,原油价格走强被视为市场的一个乐观信号,并带动化工品等大宗商品全线回暖。   业内人士指出,短期来看,虽然反弹号角吹响之后,油价保住了30美元的“生命线”,但供给压力叠加美元因素,或令油价涨势出现反复,暴涨暴跌料成常态。总体看,2016年上半年国际油价恐继续维持低 位运行态势,投资者不宜轻易抄底。   多头集结原油飙涨   大宗商品龙头又一次显露了其“不安分”的特性。2月3日,国际油价再现放量暴涨的行情,每桶30美元的关口失而复得。截至周三收盘,WTI3月原油期货上涨8.3%,至每桶32.36美元;布伦特4月原油期货上涨7.18%,至每桶35.07美元。   令市场诧异的是,周三原油基本面偏空。美国能源信息署(EIA)当天公布的数据显示,美国上周原油和汽油库存增幅超出预期,库存水平升至纪录新高。截至1月29日当周,美国原油库存增加780万桶至5.027亿桶,为1982年以来周度最高水平。   这一次交易员们并未理会创纪录高位的原油库存,而把焦点投向美元。周三,美元重挫,美元指数下跌1.68%至97.19,盘中更是创下七年来最大单日跌幅。   世元金行研究员李杉表示,消息面上,纽约联储主席杜德利表达了对于强势美元的担忧,并且警示目前金融市场环境收紧会对联储货币政策造成压力。这使得市场担忧年内美联储能否在加息进程上保持原有步伐。此消息的发出对美元指数无疑形成直接利空,令其大幅走低。   “作为以美元计价的大宗商品的代表,油价受到美元指数走低的提振。目前数据显示,美元指数与油价的相关系数维持在-0.86,二者的反向关系会在市场剧烈 波动时表现得尤为明显。”李杉说,原油价格的短期暴涨也是市场空头压力的一次集体释放,空头由于避险考虑而选择在此位置平仓回补。   宝城期货金融研究所所长助理程小勇指出,近期美联储第二次加息预期降温是影响金融市场走势的主要因素。由于美国公布12月核心PCE物价指数和1月ISM 非制造业指数不及预期,市场对于美国经济担忧升温。“前期引发大宗商品持续下跌的一大原因是美元持续上涨以及美元流动性收缩,因此美联储加息降温可能缓解 新兴市场资金外流、美元流动性收缩等一系列负面冲击。在石油美元逻辑的关联下,国际原油开始强势反弹。”   值得注意的是,近期已有不少资金按捺不住,陆续入场试图“抄底”原油。美国商品期货交易委员会(CFTC)数据显示,截至1月26日当周,WTI原油期货 期权的投机性净多头仓位增加35%至110432手,为2010年10月以来最大百分比涨幅。多仓增加23031手至289181手,空头仓位减少 5444手至178749手。   不过,本想喜迎油价“底部”而增加原油多单的资金,却一度吃了“回马枪”。2月1日,油价通过一次暴跌就回吐了上周的大多数涨幅。当日盘中,NYMEX3月原油期货震荡急跌6.9%,至每桶31.29美元,为五个月来最大日跌幅。   大宗商品受到提振   作为大宗商品龙头,原油暴涨之后,整个商品市场也沉浸在浓浓暖意之中。国内期货方面,截至收盘,各品种几乎全面上扬,其中有色金属延续升势,沪锌升至逾三 个月高位;黑色系继续回暖,大连铁矿石放量飙升;全面跟踪国内商品走势的文华商品指数大涨1.18%,报111.67点。   A股也全线飘红。截至昨日收盘,上证综指上涨1.52%至2781.02点,深证成指上涨1.6%至9793.07点。   此外,素有“恐慌指数”之称的芝加哥期权交易所(CBOE)波动性指数(VIX)也下降1.5%,报21.65。在近一个月以来曾首次降至20的长期平均水平以下,该指数在周二又上升10.7%,重新回到20以上。   “原油作为大宗商品龙头以及金融市场‘风向标’,其涨跌对市场形成一定的情绪传递。”方正中期期货研究员隋晓影说。   根据Cumberland Advisors公司量化分析师Leo Chen的计算,自从去年12月油价跌破40美元 桶开始,油价和美股相关性显著增加。目前布伦特原油期货和标普500指数的同期相关指标已经“不可思 议”的飙升至91.39%。在业内人士看来,作为金融属性较强的品种,原油的价格走势与宏观经济形势息息相关。   程小勇分析,从市场传导逻辑来看,国际原油持续强势反弹一定程度上给大宗商品市场和股市带来正面激励,主要因为原油反弹可以缓解全球通缩压力,大宗商品成本塌陷的风险也有所缓和,因此原油价格走势可以视为市场的乐观信号,但是并不意味着大宗商品已经十分乐观。   从行业角度分析,受原油暴涨暴跌影响最明显的当属下游化工品。昨日,化工品全线上扬,其中PP增仓上行,报6409元 吨,涨幅为3.15%;塑料盘中触及四个月高位8710元;沪胶结束三连阴,上涨2.02%。   “在节前补库存以及油价反弹预期支撑下,近期化工品期价普遍表现强势。节后化工品期货价格走势在很大程度上将取决于国际油价在春节期间的表现。”东证期货能化分析师杜彩凤说。   金石期货分析师黄李强认为,目前化工品整体仍然呈现供大于求的态势。随着春节临近,下游补库存已基本完成,节后需求将会趋于平淡。化工品继续上涨的势头难获基本面支撑,节后回调的概率较大。   30美元难成强支撑   从目前的情况来看,在原油市场,每桶30美元的价格已成为资金的心理防线,多空在此位置博弈剧烈,使得价格暴涨暴跌。原油抄底时机来了吗?对此,高盛给出否定的答案。在高盛看来,OPEC与俄罗斯合作减产“不太可能发生”。   李杉认为,对于油价本身而言,30美元的价格并不意味着生产成本线已经划定。“毕竟在主要国家开动马力生产并积极抢占国际市场的时候,供大于求会使得中长期价格维持低位。30美元的支撑可能并不像市场所言的那样有效。”   “国际原油能否保住30美元的底线?我觉得并不乐观。”程小勇认为,从长期走势来看,由于美国年轻的人口结构、良好的银行资产负债表,美国经济复苏增长依 旧并非欧洲、日本可以媲美,再加上欧洲和日本央行可能会进一步扩大宽松规模,因此美元有可能先抑后扬。从全球经济的整体运行状况来看,强势美元的格局可能 会保持相当长一段时间。   隋晓影也表示,30美元附近对油价有一定支撑,但并不是油价底部。前期油价已经有效跌破该价位,后期继续下跌并破前低的概率同样较大。虽然近期油价有所反弹,并徘徊于30美元附近,但这种缺乏基本面根基的上涨是不可持续的,未来仍可能继续下跌。   一般而言,实现原油供需再平衡的可能性有三种:第一种是需求端出现明显好转,能够消化过剩的原油供给;第二种是原油供给国能够达成一个全球范围减产协议; 第三种是过低的油价导致成本较高的产油装置破产,彻底退出市场。“目前来看,达成前两种可能性的条件都不成熟。首先,全球性的经济增速下滑在短时间内没有 好转的迹象,需求回暖并不现实。其次,即使OPEC与俄罗斯达成了减产的协议,这也只是一个局部性的减产协议。由于没有把美国纳入这个协议,OPEC与俄罗斯的减产带来的价格上涨,很有可能被美国的增产吞噬掉,因此现在难言原油的价格到底部。”黄李强说。   不过也有较乐观的看法。澳洲国民银行预计,油价将温和复苏,2016年底料升至每桶40美元。原油市场整体过剩的情况到2017年上半年仍将持续,但美国产出逐渐减少,可能对收窄供需差距有较大助益。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

The skyrocketing housing prices just to be off is the biggest promoter mostly holding investment men 二嫁 法医小妾

Skyrocketing housing prices in Shenzhen just need customer is the biggest promoter: mostly holding the investment mentality of Shenzhen: people have investment mentality Wu Sidan Chaoshanese Liu found in recent years in Shenzhen, many relatives and friends through the investment to buy a house, earn a bowl full of pots, last year by Shenzhen’s relatives in Luohu District bought a set of two decisive property, just half a year is about 50% appreciation. After tasting the sweetness, she also knows more about the house, hope to buy another set. National Bureau of statistics data show that in December 2015, Shenzhen new house price index rose 47.5% year-on-year, second-hand housing rose 42.6%, prices rise leading the country. Shenzhen housing prices in the past year crazy rise for the national attention, who is pushing Shenzhen housing prices? A lot of people will target to investors, even intermediaries, but in quantity, just need customers are the biggest push hands. Moreover, Shenzhen just need to buy a house, mostly with investment mentality, tend to buy more space appreciation area. Compared with Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, Shenzhen has the highest population density, the most people and the less land. The land area of Shenzhen is about 1997 square kilometers, roughly 1/8 of Beijing and 1/3 of Shanghai or Guangzhou. By the end of 2014, the resident population of Shenzhen was 10 million 780 thousand, equivalent to that of Guangzhou, roughly 1/2 of Beijing and Shanghai. As an immigrant city, the proportion of migrant population in Shenzhen is as high as 70%, far higher than the level of North Canton 35%~40%. Most of the migrant population mainly through housing to solve housing problems, which also led directly to Shenzhen’s housing ownership rate is very low, only about 30%. At the same time, the population of Shenzhen is younger, the proportion of the age group is higher than that of the north. "First Financial Daily" reporter noted that after 80 gradually become the main buyers in Shenzhen, they will take into account housing and investment factors in the purchase. Just told reporters in Longhua to buy a new house of Mr. Wu, he compared several projects, in the condition of the same apartment layout and environment, and ultimately to a slightly higher price to choose greater appreciation of space availability. When just need to hold off the investment mentality of the house, the property market is more like the stock market, the price rise in people’s bullish mentality of water. Pure investors are also important drivers of Shenzhen’s soaring housing prices. The statistical data of Shenzhen chain home display, 2015 Shenzhen real estate investment accounted for more than 26.7%, 3% more than in 2014, 2011 is 3 times as much, the individual month investment of more than 30%, but there are a lot of follower market expect short-term gain, and some home buyers to make full use of financial leverage for the purchase. "First Financial Daily" reporter learned that more and more people in Shenzhen joined the crowd to buy housing, joint real estate team. In Shenzhen, there is a suite of Miss Wang, recently also with several friends to raise a suite to buy. People buy chips is not complicated, just a few friends together Shoufu, and ready for about two years for the month funds, we signed a contract with one’s name to buy a house, agreed housing prices to a point out, according to the percentage of their investment profit." Miss Wang told the theory

深圳房价疯涨刚需客是最大推手:大多抱着投资心态   深圳: 全民都有 投资心态   吴斯丹   潮汕人刘小姐发现近几年在深圳的很多亲戚、朋友通过买房投资,赚得钵满盆满,去年也通过深圳的亲戚在罗湖区果断买了一套两房物业,短短半年即升值50%左右。尝到甜头后,她又多方了解、看房,希望再买入一套。   国家统计局数据显示,2015年12月,深圳新房价格指数同比涨47.5%,二手房同比涨42.6%,楼价涨幅领跑全国。   深圳房价在过去一年的疯狂上涨为全国瞩目,到底是谁在推高深圳房价?很多人会将目标指向投资客,甚至中介,但从数量上来看,刚需客们才是最大推手。而且,深圳的刚需客买房时大多抱着投资心态,倾向于购买升值空间更大的片区。   与北京、上海、广州相比,深圳的人口密度最高、人多地少最明显。深圳土地面积约1997平方公里,大致是北京的八分之一、上海或广州的三分之一。截至2014年底,深圳市的常住人口为1078万人,与广州相当,大致是北京、上海的二分之一。   而作为一个移民城市,深圳的外来人口比例高达70%,远远高出北上广35%~40%的水平。大部分外来人口主要通过租房解决住房问题,这也直接导致深圳的住房自有率极低,只有约30%。同时,深圳人口年轻化,购房适龄人群比例比北上广更高。   《第一财经日报》记者注意到,80后逐渐成为深圳购房主力,他们在购房时会综合考虑居住和投资因素。刚在龙华买入一套新房的吴先生告诉记者,他对比几个楼盘后,在户型、环境差不多的条件下,最终以稍高的价格选择了升值空间更大的房源。   当刚需客都抱着投资心态买房时,楼市就更像是股市,价格在人们的看涨心态中水涨船高。   纯粹的投资客也是深圳房价高涨的重要推手。深圳链家的统计数据显示,2015年深圳投资置业占比高达26.7%,比2014年增加3.0%,更是2011年的3倍之多,其中个别月份投资超过30%,同时有不少跟风者入市期望短期获得收益,且有部分置业者充分利用金融“杠杆”进行购房。   《第一财经日报》记者了解到,越来越多的深圳人加入到众筹买房、联合炒房的队伍。在深圳已经有一套房的王小姐,近期也与几位朋友众筹买了一套房。   “众筹买房并不复杂,就是几个朋友凑齐首付,并准备好两年左右的月供资金,大家签订一个合约,以其中某一位的名义买房,约定房价上涨到某个点时抛出,获利按出资比例分成。”王小姐告诉《第一财经日报》记者,合同中还要考虑房价滞涨的因素,若到某个时间点,房价涨幅依然不高,也必须抛出。   联合炒房的极端,便是“包楼”。一位投资客告诉本报,深圳一些有实力的投资客会抱团,在看好某个新楼盘后,与开发商协商以某个价格承包下整栋楼,留着自己慢慢卖。   由于深圳限购,投资客会通过成立公司、购买“房票”等方式获取购房资格。“房票”即购房资格,过去一年,深圳“房票”的价格已从几千元上涨到了数万元。   在投资客中有一类特殊人群,即房地产中介从业人员。由于对房地产行业有较为专业的认知和判断,中介从业人员更容易从投资房产过程中获利。   美联物业研究中心经理何倩茹对《第一财经日报》记者表示,相比于普通购房者来说,中介从业人员更容易接触到笋盘(处于价格洼地的房源),可以先行买入,待房价上涨后抛出,赚取差价。   就在近期,深圳规土委发布了一则《关于规范房地产经纪机构和经纪人员购房等行为的温馨提示》,提出房地产经纪机构不得对交易当事人隐瞒真实的房地产交易价格等信息,赚取交易差价。   “中介从业人员买房多为市场行为,但也不排除有恶意炒房、赚取差价的个案。大型中介对此是明令禁止的,一旦发现,不仅要开除,还会进入深圳房地产经纪行业协会的黑名单。”何倩茹说。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Network donation platform began to certificate, donated 1 yuan, also can real-time check progress – 宦海沉香

The network began fundraising platform "posts" donated 1 yuan to check the progress of real-time Beijing new network in Beijing in September 1, (Zhong Qing) today Chinese first "charity law" formally implemented, "deregulation of network collection". The day before, the first batch of 13 fund-raising network platform "posts", has become a major bright spot. In the future, whether you donate 1 yuan, 10 yuan, 100 yuan or million yuan, will be able to view the real-time progress of public projects, is no longer a "one-way" through the "interactive" good, you can even be a charitable project supervisor and volunteers, choose the vulnerable groups you care about, give help. Let the public do more convenient network donations this month the implementation of the "charity law" put forward, the Internet will be the same as the radio, TV and newspaper media form, has become one of the open fundraising way. In the Tencent Charity Foundation Deputy Secretary General Sun Yi, the network service is not only a supplement to the existing charity channels, more innovation, for example, a circle of friends to share can make a positive energy public service spread geometrically. Recently, the Ministry of Civil Affairs announced the first batch of charity fundraising Internet information platform list, including "public Tencent" fund-raising network platform,, micro public welfare, ant payment service public service platform, information platform, easy to raise Chinese charity, Jingdong, Charitable Foundation Center, Baidu charity donation platform, public welfare, Bao Xinhua service platform, to network, Guangzhou charity charity information platform, a total of 13. One of the great advantages of the Internet fundraising platform is to allow the donor to make use of the fragmented time and make it more convenient to participate in public welfare." Mr. Liu Qin, director of social responsibility department, told reporters in beijing. From the three aspects of the help givers, donors and charitable organizations, online fundraising has a positive effect. China Charity Association vice president and Secretary General Wang Aiping said, "for the charity organization has raised qualified, fund-raising network platform has a wide audience, spread fast, low running cost advantages, is an indispensable part of the whole industry chain of charity service". Although many advantages of the platform of network collection, Renmin University of China nonprofit Institute Kang Xiaoguang has bluntly, "now fund-raising network platform development" part of dragons and fishes jumbled together, charity law "is a very important standard of network collection". Data map. Jia Xuemei photo source: visual China how to give the donor a good "audit pass"? As an information platform, it is the foundation of all services for the donor to have a good audit pass. "Charity law" defines the relevant rights and responsibilities of the network platform. "Radio, television, newspapers and Internet service providers, telecom operators should carry out public donations to charitable organizations to use its platform for the registration certificate, certificate of public donations to verify." To complete the examination of charitable organizations is the most basic prerequisite for the platform to provide network services." Sun Yi said that the audit content includes charitable organization’s legal person registration certificate, public offering qualification, organization code, public account bank information and so on.   the general audit time ranged from two weeks to one month 网络募捐平台开始“持证上岗” 捐1元也能实时查进展-中新网   中新网北京9月1日电 (种卿)今日起中国首部《慈善法》正式实施,对网络募捐“松绑”。日前,首批13家网络募捐平台的“持证上岗”,成为一大亮点。今后,无论你捐1元、10元、100元还是上万元,将都能实时查看公益项目的进展,不再是“单向”行善,通过“互动”你甚至可以成为慈善项目的监督者和志愿者,自主选择你所关心的弱势群体,给予帮助。   网络募捐让做公益更便利   本月起施行的《慈善法》提出,互联网将与广播、电视、报刊媒体形式一样,成为开展公开募捐的方式之一。   在腾讯公益慈善基金会副秘书长孙懿看来,网络服务不仅仅是对现有慈善通道的补充,更是创新,比如,一条朋友圈分享就能让公益正能量呈几何倍数的传播。   日前,民政部公布了首批慈善组织互联网募捐信息平台名单,包括“腾讯公益”网络募捐平台、淘宝网、微公益、蚂蚁金服公益平台、轻松筹、中国慈善信息平台、京东公益、基金会中心网、百度慈善捐助平台、公益宝、新华公益服务平台、联劝网、广州市慈善会慈善信息平台,共计13家。   “互联网募捐平台的一大优势,就是让捐赠人把碎片化的时间利用起来,让参与公益这件事更便利。”蚂蚁金服社会责任部总监刘琴在接受中新网记者采访称。   从求助者、捐赠者和慈善组织三方面来看,网络募捐均有切实的利好作用。中国慈善联合会副会长兼秘书长王爱平透露,“对于具有公募资格的慈善组织来说,网络募捐平台具有受众面广、传播速度快、运营成本低等优势,是整个慈善行业服务链条不可或缺的一部分”。   尽管网络募捐平台优势不少,中国人民大学非营利组织研究所所长康晓光却直言,“如今网络募捐平台发展鱼龙混杂,《慈善法》很重要的一部分内容就是规范网络募捐”。 资料图。贾雪梅 摄 图片来源:视觉中国   如何为捐赠者把好“审核关”?   作为信息平台,为捐赠者把好“审核关”是一切服务的基础。   《慈善法》为此明确了网络平台的相关权责。“广播、电视、报刊以及网络服务提供者、电信运营商,应当对利用其平台开展公开募捐的慈善组织的登记证书、公开募捐资格证书进行验证。”   “完成慈善组织审核,是平台提供网络服务的最根本前提。”孙懿介绍称,审核内容包括慈善组织的法人登记证书、公募资质、组织机构代码、公募账户银行信息等等。    “一般审核时间为两周至一个月不等,相关登记证书或者资格证书到期后,还会要求其更新。”孙懿补充道,如果是个人或没有公募资质的慈善组织的项目,需要由公募机构来认领发布。   据百度基金会秘书长郭力介绍,百度慈善捐助平台将从多方面进行审核:首先是慈善组织的法人登记证书等资质材料、年审材料和相关重要信息披露;同时会酌情参考一些社会评价,如果普遍偏差,会进行人工清理;已上线的机构和项目,还会通过机器和人工进行“双把关”。 中新社发 王游 摄" src=" 2016 0831 201683195843.jpg" style="border:px solid #000000" title="资料图。中新社发 王游 摄" > 资料图。中新社发 王游 摄   “为谁捐”、“捐多少”��拼的是透明度!   互联网时代,各行业“信息不对称”的情况在逐步改善,捐赠行业也不例外。   以腾讯公益为例,记者随机打开一个为先天性心脏病孩子捐款的页面,不仅能看到发起机构、项目详情、上线时间等基本信息,还能知道多少用户捐了款、捐款额度多少以及项目的最新进展。   “信息是全透明的,用户既可浏览项目进展,也能定期对捐赠项目进行在线咨询。”孙懿指出网络慈善的三大特点:平台化、透明化和社交化。   她称,透明化是做网络公益的根本,通过信息的高度透明与用户建立信任;同样,如果一个捐赠用户在自己的社交圈转发了项目,或邀请朋友一起捐,这种信任就在传递,其他用户因为信任传播者,从而增加对项目的认可度。   基于平台化特征,捐赠用户还可通过网络平台,自主选择想要支持的项目。关心贫困儿童、残疾人士、空巢老人等都能找到相应的项目,通过深入了解,捐赠者甚至可能转化成“志愿者”。   前端是慈善信息的公开透明,后端则看重资金流动的无缝衔接,款项能否“零周转”?记者从蚂蚁金服公益平台和腾讯公益获知,网络募捐的善款都直接进入慈善组织账户,并不在平台停留。 图片来源:中国公益研究院   个人捐赠比例逐年提高 人人公益成趋势   从网络募捐平台的发展来看,积少成多、人人公益的理念占据主流,个人捐赠正慢慢扩大在公益事业中的比重。   北京师范大学中国公益研究院发布的报告就指出,“互联网的发展和公民意识提升,正促进其他社会组织和个人成为捐赠主流”。   上述报告称,2015年民政系统捐赠比例为5.67%,慈善会和基金会捐赠比例分别为36.49%和37.73%,而其他组织和个人捐赠,自2013年低点后在近两年开始回升,占比达到20.16%,已超过民政系统接收占比。   而在业内人士看来,中国个人捐赠潜力还“大得很”。   “在美国,2015年个人捐赠比例超过70%。”孙懿透露。同样看好个人捐赠潜力的还有王爱平,网络募捐平台将大幅激发基于互联网的个人小额捐赠。   谈及对公益形式的探索,刘琴充满期待:未来公益会嫁接到各类生活场景,或许有一天吃顿饭、聊个天,就能实现捐赠与互动。   某慈善基金会相关负责人告诉记者,虽然网络募捐的个体金额较小,但通过较高的曝光率和推广组合拳,必然能累积一定的款项。“80、90后将成为主要的募款主体,他们已习惯使用这些网络平台”。 资料图。李南轩 摄   入驻平台是否收费? 营运模式或“百花齐放”   网络募捐平台一端是捐赠用户,另一端也连接着慈善组织。   根据《慈善法》规定,慈善组织可以采取基金会、社会团体、社会服务机构等组织形式,是以面向社会开展慈善活动为宗旨的非营利性组织。   与其不同,网络募捐平台并未被划定“非营利性”属性,是否对慈善组织发布项目收费,则取决于企业自身的发展需要。   据记者了解,目前百度慈善捐助平台、腾讯公益、蚂蚁金服公益平台、中国慈善信息平台均不对慈善组织发布项目收取任何费用。孙懿说,腾讯公益一直是免费对慈善组织开放,隶属于腾讯公益基金会,本身就没有以营利为目的。“百度慈善捐款平台未来也会保持非营利模式。”郭力透露。   上述慈善基金会人士称,“接触的多数网络募捐平台都不收费,但随着行业的发展,也不排除部分平台对重点位置推送等合作方式,收取一定费用”。   王爱平认为免费发布慈善信息的原因主要有两方面:一是慈善组织对管理费用的比例要求较高,收费会增加成本;二是,国内很多捐赠人希望所有的捐赠都用于受益人,不太能接受较高的筹款成本。   谈及网络公益行业的前景,孙懿认为在营运模式方面可能是“百花齐放”的,有不收费的,也有收取一定费用的,主要是覆盖提供网络募捐平台所付出的成本。   “很多平台说不收费,但不一定不赚钱,网站营利的资源就是流量,而慈善项目也带来了很大的流量。”康晓光认为,平台是适当收费还是免费应是开放性的,让行业内部来探讨,让慈善组织和捐赠者去选择。(完)相关的主题文章: