Benefits Of Table Less Css Xhtml Web Design

Web-Design There were days when use of tables in website was a must but those days are over now. Due to continuous updation in technologies and methodology, use of table are like an obsolete technology. In tableless web design, designer do not use HTML tables for page layout control. Now expert web designer arrange text and other elements on a page through CSS(Cascading Style Sheets). CSS is discovery of W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). The main purpose of CSS design is to improve web accessibility and limit the use of HTML for semantic purpose instead of presentational purposes. SEO is one of the popular term and one of the most demanded web services from last few years. Increasing search on Google and Yahoo has made SEO an essential and integral part of every web development and web design .pany. The main motive of each and every web designer is to get a remarkable rank in search engine results. Search engine use lots of techniques for indexing all existing websites. Bases on these techniques, they assign rank to a website in their search engine. The more search engine friendly indexing, the more rank you will get assigned. Higher page ranks increase the chances of get visited by user. This can be done through Semantics and HTML. From many years, web design experts are working on making the website more .patible with web standards in order to make the access easier for their websites. With emerging use of text readers, bots. Mobile devices, every one wants to make their web site accessible on every browser and its only possible with tableless format of web layout. Tableless web layout will help you in achieving following things: 1.Current W3C standard can dictate tabless format. 2.All browser support CSS format. 3.If coding is done, you can make changes in CSS format across the globe. 4.Website accessibility is much more each if content is properly implement in XHTML document in order to serve specific need of business. CSS is used for layout ans style. 5.You can manage coding through removing unnecessary coding in XHTML and CSS. 6.Search engine can index tablesless format more easily . Table layout are still not out of use but they hardly used for presentation purpose. Tableless format are more in trend for layout control world wide. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: