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UnCategorized At most dinner table, you would find garlic flavored bread to be the most served type of bread. It can come in the form of slices or thick breads in the likes of French styled bread or Italian ones which are often topped with garlic and butter. It also serves as a great tandem with various pasta dishes such as lasagna, spaghetti or linguini. It also works well with soups especially the tomato inspired ones. As an entree, you need to serve it with a bowl of tossed green salad. Garlic flavored bread among these dishes balances the variety of taste present in it. In this article you would find the basic means of making such bread recipes and tips on where to find convenient ingredients that can speed up the baking process. The outcome of the garlic flavored bread recipes you would come up with is based on the kind of bread you would use. It is suggested that you use Italian or a plain loaf of bread which are readily available among your local bakery. You can also add more flavorings for your bread by adding in cheese. It is also recommended to sprinkle it with sesame seeds. Make sure that you have enough butter in stored as you would require spreading a lot of it over the loaf. And of course, don’t forget the powdered and minced garlic plus the salt. You can either combine garlic and butter at the same time or melt butter in ahead of time, set to cool and spread the prepared garlic over it. There are two most common forms of garlic flavored bread preparation: This first one requires the loaf to be cut in half and spread butter and garlic over the hollow portion of the bread. Arrange the loaf over a layer of aluminum foil. Cut the loaf in two equal portions, lengthwise using your usual kitchen knife. The cut should not extend to the bottom of the loaf. If you prefer cutting the bread horizontally, you may also do so. Spread butter and the sprinkle both garlic preparations over the slits. Use the aluminum foil base to wrap the loaf with. Place it in the oven to bake for a few minutes allowing butter to melt and garlic flavor to blend well into the bread. Another option is to slice the loaf and apply garlic and butter over it. To start, use your usual knife for slicing making sections over the loaf. There are some who prefer to skip the knife usage and tear the bread into sections which would give a rough and mosaic-texture. Arrange the slices onto a cookie sheet then thickly butter it followed with sprinkle of garlic salt and powder. Add minced garlic to over the top for an effect. Place the sheet of bread onto a preheated oven to set butter for melting and garlic flavor to blend in with the loaf. Baking the loaf over an aluminum foil provides the crunchy characteristic for the loaf. A lot of people prefer to buy garlic flavored bread than to make them even though they are not that difficult to make. It has their own aluminum foil and takes only an effort of putting the loaf in the oven and set to melt the butter pre-applied on it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: