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Business ERP Packages Help Streamline and Accelerate Project Manufacturing ERP packages and ERP product solutions ensure successful project manufacturing by providing a strong foundation and thread through all phases and components of project manufacturing. Better known as the Enterprise Project Portfolio Management system, the ERP software solutions will continually examine resources, schedules and supplies to make certain every phase of the project is on time and within budget constraints. The erp software solution will integrate with the multitude of technology systems and platforms on every level of the value chain to ensure the information exchange is using the most current information from sales, accounting and operations to enable accurate visibility and management control on all manufacturing projects. With and ERP packages focused on project manufacturing in place, the value chain of the manufacturer can be viewed as a continuous process and not compartmentalized sets activities. This continuous visibility leads to better control over costs, quality and meeting regulatory requirement criteria and provides a view into future trends and trajectories. A continuous visibility into operations that project manufacturing erp products offer also contribute to better research and development and new product development as well as a more productive sales force. ERP software solutions help companies win sales orders by providing optimal pricing and other related sales information for drafting the best sales bid. After the sales order is won, the enterprise software solution can then optimize the manufacturing supply chain activities, and order fulfillment activities to ensure accurate order entry and on time shipments are processed and delivered. The ERP system can then streamline the sales commissioning process as well as the product installation by managing the contract, time tracking, labor resources, billing and customer collaboration and feedback to maintain customer service standards as well as achieving sales performance criteria. The bottom line is that enterprise project portfolio management systems do much more than manage projects. They are erp software solutions that synchronize complex scheduling parameters, project manufacturing, skilled resources, materials management with the other key erp systems within the organization. The full integration of project management with the business processes of the entire organization is how these erp products provide complete visibility and management control for making better management decisions, better communication and better profitability and resource optimization across the entire company. In this competitive environment, companies are scrambling for ways to increase revenues and cut costs. By optimizing manufacturing processes, streamlining and synchronizing business processes, erp software solutions can dramatically mitigate and even surpass revenue shortfalls by driving more flow through to the bottom line. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: