Zen And The Art Of Joomla Web Development-法拉利599gto

Web-Design Think you don’t have the time, resources or technical know-how to create, and manage successful PROFESSIONAL website? Think again the world of computing has moved on, genius simplifies complexity. This is design philosophy behind the open source tool joomla. Web development using joomla is no longer the exclusive preserve of the technical, I have a Question for you, are you are familiar with zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance. Zen is a scrub Kandi Burass who wrote for Destiny’s child and TLC – A scrub is a guy that think he’s fly, And is also known as a buster, Always talkin bout what he wants, And just sits on his broke ass, No I don’t want your number, No I don’t wanna give you mine and, No I don’t wanna meet you no where, No don’t want none of you time and…, I just can’t keep this up any longer!. Zen is not a scrub, zen is a school of Mahayana Buddhism notable for its emphasis on practice and experiential wisdomparticularly as realized in the form of meditation known as zazenin the attainment of awakening. As such, it de-emphasizes both theoretical knowledge and the study of religious texts in favor of direct individual experience . While there is not much call for meditation in business or you would think motorcycle maintenance, reflection, as many entrepreneurs and businessmen will tell you is very important, only through hands on application, seeing and doing, can you gain perspective. With a rapid development tool like 2Zen, after a few days, you will know, folly or genius, what needs to be added, what needs to go. Appreciation of the big picture only comes with distance and time. Compress the development process and you set up what Neural linguistic Psychologist call, accelerated feedback loops . www.123FTPDIRECTORY.com offers a one-stop-shop of simple, powerful website tools, services and guides that make it fast and easy to grow your business online. Best of all, they’re as simple as 123. Just like our name. BY BUYING HOSTING THROUGH US YOU CAN BUILD THE FRAMEWORK OF A WEBSITE IN SINGLE DAY. A TASK THAT WOULD TAKE A PROFESSIONAL DESIGNER WEEKS. (AND GET YOUR DOMAIN NAME FOR FREE) Go .123ftpdirectory../news/latest/how-to-build-a-pro-site-with-joomla-in-just-7-days-fr.html TO LEARN MORE. Our plans are for everyone, experts and the non technical, we make it fast and easy to design a professional website, a framework which can be maintained by non IT specialists. Using our free expert articles library and popular software 123FTP, you can get your site up a running quickly, by imprinting your unique .pany identity in just a few minutes onto an imported template or skin. Best of all our, sites are modular, which means if you want to add more features you do not have to redesign from scratch, you can simply search from a huge library of free joomla/mambo .ponents and simply bolt them on. If you need something really special then you can buy in specially designed .ponents and expertise. With such powerful tools the age of abstract theory and meticulous planning that takes months has been replaced by hands on application and real time rapid prototyping. This is Zen and the art of joomla web design. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: