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Jiangsu 16 high school list was admitted to Tsinghua University, the highest number of high school recently, a 2016 admitted to Tsinghua University, the largest number of high school in Beijing, the list of freshly baked 255. List shows that 13 prefecture level cities in Jiangsu, the top 16 high school. Nantong 3, Nanjing, Wuxi, Changzhou, 2, Yangzhou, Suqian, Taizhou, 1, the Huaian, the 1, the Lianyungang, the 1, the 2,. At the same time, Tsinghua University 2016 freshmen regional layout also released. This year, Tsinghua University freshmen 3300 people, the number of provinces and cities in the number of admissions as shown in figure 31. Words do not say directly on the list! Come and have a look at your alma mater? Jiangsu’s list of high school has been marked out. Data source: New Oriental online forum. The data contains the first batch of bare of admission, the medical department of Peking University, Tsinghua academy admission admission, admission tiqian PI, independent recruitment, admission, admission unripe liberal plan enrollment, admission, dream program leaders plan enrollment, admission, admission, self plan three-in-one high level athletes admission, high level art students enrolled, not including national defense, Tsinghua Academy of fine arts, Beijing Shanghai pilot, no dream plan and self-improvement plan special poverty. You’re not wrong)! Our big Jiangsu ranked sixth! Jiangsu, we are still a lot of talent into the Qing dynasty. Of course, in addition to Tsinghua University, many colleges and universities in our province is definitely called elite. (special statement: all the data are organized according to public information, if there is a discrepancy between the actual situation Extended video: nothing to do with the original text. The most cattle high school class 34 people were admitted to Peking University, the teacher wrote a letter to parents相关的主题文章: