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Sun Yu: I did well for the team to dare to hand for Sun Yu for the first time in the team finals sina sports in that their final will debut, Sun Yu soon realized that his career will be playing for the first time the team finals, she could not help but to think about her appearance at the scene…… The fact is, when Sun Yu is carrying the ball pack and going to the finals, the Chinese team is 0 – 2 behind the Japanese team. Sun Yu’s eyes firmly chose the former to withstand the pressure, lead the teammates to perform the reversal, or to be crushed by the pressure. In the end, Sun Yu didn’t disappoint her coach and teammates. She beat her opponent 2 to 0, and proved her strength with perfect performance. Beijing time on February 21st, the 2016 Asian badminton championships on the last day of the competition in India for Hyderabad. In the women’s team final, China team beat the Japanese team to 3 than 2, won the championship. Before the two game, Wang Shixian and Luo Yingtianqing have suffered a defeat, which makes the game in the third game in the Sun Yu, the pressure is not small, "there must be some tension, but I kept my focus on the ball." Sun Yuru said. Before the start of this game, Sun Yu has determined the skills and tactics, "I think more is the lines and opponents, at the critical moment they have to play the line and can not be soft."." In the first game, Sun Yu led by 20 to 14, but Misaki Sato Saeka won 6 points later, rewriting the score to 20 to 20. Critical moment, Sun Yu solidity, even 2 hours after 22 to 20 to win the first board. The second game, Sun Yu had 16 to 19 behind, but she is not impatient, after which even 5 points, 21 to 19 locked in victory. For his performance, Sun Yu is satisfied, "I feel that your performance is good, is his quiet down in the face of difficulties, but also dare to make it!" This is the first time in the Sun Yu sports career team finals, can be under the pressure of such a good play, Sun Yu’s performance is commendable. After the game, when asked whether the victory of the game will add confidence for himself, Sun Yu thought for a moment and said: "I feel confident, I just hope I can do every day, I hope I can compete for the team."." (Dong Zhengxiang)

孙瑜:自己表现不错敢于出手 努力为团队争分 孙瑜首次参加团体赛决赛   新浪体育讯  在知道自己决赛将登场亮相时,孙瑜很快就意识到了自己将要运动生涯第一次打团体决赛,她忍不住地去遐想了一下她出场时的情景……事实是,当孙瑜背着球包、走上决赛赛场时,中国队正以0比2落后于日本队。是顶住压力、带领队友上演逆转好戏还是被压力压垮,孙瑜眼神坚定地选择了前者。最终,孙瑜没有让教练和队友失望,她以2比0战胜对手,用完美的表现证明了自己的实力。   北京时间2月21日,2016年亚洲羽毛球团体锦标赛在印度海德拉巴展开最后一日比赛角逐。在女团决赛中,中国队以3比2战胜日本队,获得冠军。前两盘比赛,王适娴与骆赢 田卿都遭遇了败绩,这使得在第三盘比赛中上场的孙瑜压力不小,“紧张肯定会有一些,但是我尽量让自己的精力集中在球上。”孙瑜如是说道。   在这一盘比赛开始前,孙瑜已经确定了技战术,“我更多地想的是线路和对手,在关键时刻自己要打得线路和不能手软。”第一局,孙瑜曾以20比14领先,但佐藤冴香在此后顽强地连得6分,将比分改写为20比20。关键时刻,孙瑜稳住阵脚,在连得2分后以22比20先胜一局。第二局,孙瑜曾以16比19落后,但她不急不躁,在此后连得5分,以21比19锁定胜利。对于自己的表现,孙瑜较为满意,“我觉得自己的表现还是不错的,主要是自己在遇到困难时人静得下来,而且敢于去出手吧!”   这是孙瑜运动生涯第一次打团体赛决赛,能够在压力较大的情况下有这样出色的发挥,孙瑜的表现值得赞扬。赛后,在被问到这场比赛的胜利是否会为自己增添信心时,孙瑜在思忖片刻后说道:“我觉得信心还好,我只希望我可以做好每一天,我希望自己可以为团队争分。”   (董正翔)相关的主题文章: