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Deyang, a man riding a cable car crash after retrograde says "don’t you be responsible (Figure) recently one night in a car crash accident in Nanquan Road site, a middle-aged man lying on the ground, his mouth kept saying:" you do not need to be responsible for things like ". The reporter noticed that there was blood beside the man, and an electric bicycle was inverted. Arrived traffic police are investigating, 120 ambulance personnel are also given to the head of men to check. The little man "miso" from the ground and sat up. Originally, lying on the floor of this man is beside the car owners, and persuaded to check another man is parked at the side of the car owners. It is understood that night, car owners driving in Nanquan Road traffic lights, display lights, driving cars in front of the opposite reverse over a car battery bicycle, car Dodge, eventually, the right rear and battery bicycle linked to rub. According to the surrounding masses, at that time, the car battery man has a lot of alcohol on the body, his mouth has been saying, you will not correct "or the like. At present, the traffic police are doing further investigation and treatment of the incident, the men were also sent to blood test. Deyang (micro-blog) radio and television reporter Lu Cheng Lai Feilin editor note: the video has nothing to do with the original, only to expand reading, the hotel junction battery car hit the car retrograde hit the woman injured

德阳一男子骑电瓶车逆行 撞车后称“不要你负责”(图) 近日一天晚上,在市区南泉路的一起车祸事故现场,一名躺在地上的中年男子,嘴里一个劲儿地说着“不需要你负责”之类的话。记者注意到,男子身旁有血迹,而且还倒着一辆电动自行车。赶到的交警正在调查,120救护人员也在给男子头部做检查。结果,男子“噌”的一下就从地上坐了起来。原来,躺在地上的这名男子是身旁的电瓶车车主,而劝说检查的另一名男子则是停靠在路边的小轿车车主。据了解,当晚,小轿车车主行驶在南泉路红绿灯路口,显示绿灯后,小轿车朝前行驶,结果,对面逆向过来一辆电瓶自行车,小轿车躲闪不及,最终,右后方与电瓶自行车发生擦挂。据周围群众反映,当时,电瓶车男子身上有一股很大的酒味,嘴里一直说着“不会讹你”之类的话。目前,交警正在对该事件做进一步调查处理,男子也被抽血送往检验。德阳(微博)广播电视台记者卢成 赖非林编者注:该视频与原文无关,仅供扩展阅读 大饭店路口电瓶车逆行 撞上小轿车女子受伤相关的主题文章: