04, SMG super Betfair index analysis Mongolia Billy precious Egypt 7470d

The 04 day: SMG super Betfair index analysis by Billy harmony index SPdex11 April Egypt super SMG (Malaga VS matches Gijon) game data: Malaga Liga has home court winning streak, the team home court ability is very strong, the scene of the road never win Xi Hong, I believe the home team can continue to win, from the current will instant disk, found the index up to 72, found to be optimistic about the main buyer crazy, but also from the cold index is found, the explosion of red, and his turnover ratio as high as 88%, the home team win bile.       SMG recommended: Shengping Fu Sheng     -1 SMG recommended: let the ball Shengping Fu Sheng Ping SMG recommended: 1, the total number of goals SMG recommended: 1:0 score, 2:0 index SPdex11 April super SMG screenings (Montpelier VS Marseille) game data: Montpelier and Marseille are is the French powerhouse, but the two sides this season are in general, from the current situation, the mainstream company given deuce disk, the ability to Marseille on the home team, and the home court ability is powerful, the Betfair super index instant disk, and the index found a burst of red, but the variance is Kelly very close, the proportion of Shengping Fu is currently 6, and the index of draw up to 55, which many people see this tie is the main buyer’s approval, the proposed selection draw.         SMG recommended: Shengping Fu     SMG -1 let the ball to win even negative recommendation: negative SMG recommended: 0, the total number of goals SMG recommended: 1:1, 0:0 score above for spdex super index early reminder, due to turnover peak, more details please pay attention to data on spot, such as larger variables may affect the results of the forecast. Author: black and white相关的主题文章: